Questions and Answers on How to Increase Height

Questions and Answers on Height Increase

Who can use the GrowthMax Plus® grow taller supplements?

GrowthMax Plus® height increase supplements can be used by individuals of any age, male or female. Nevertheless, the supplement works better if the consumer is younger between the ages of 15-45. The GrowthMax Plus® supplement can be easily integrated into any daily schedule!

Is there a guarantee?

Absolutely. We are so confident in our premium patent-pending formulation, we have no problem confidently offering our customers a money-back guarantee. Simply return your unused portion of GrowthMax Plus® within 180 days of your purchase date and we will gladly provide you with a full refund (no questions asked).

What is Growth Hormone?

Human Growth Hormone

Growth hormones are proteins produced by your body’s pituitary glands, which are in your central nervous system. A human body requires this protein to maintain good health and to help the body grow. The pituitary glands become less functional as we age, and GrowthMax Plus® helps jumpstart your glands to secrete the growth hormone.

Does GrowthMax Plus® produce results for everyone and are the results permanent?

While everyone is different and results will vary from individual to individual, indications show that GrowthMax Plus® works in nearly all cases. The results are to be permanent for everyone. However, some individuals have had much more success keeping results 'permanent' if used for 6+ months rather than just a couple of months. Again, everyone is different. Using it for longer than 6 months is encouraged and that would be your choice depending on the results you would want to achieve at that point in time. Once you stop using GrowthMax Plus®, this reduction in dosage will not compromise height gained, once desired results have been achieved.

Are there any side effects?

Absolutely not! Over 30 safe, carefully chosen herbs, vitamins, and amino acids are used to manufacture GrowthMax Plus®. Each individual ingredient is safe and has been in common use for centuries. All of the natural ingredients in GrowthMax Plus® are listed on the Food and Drug Administration’s GRAS list of safe foods, making it the best product on the market for growing taller. Of course, as with any dietary supplement, people with special medical conditions are encouraged to consult their doctor or healthcare professional before use.

Is GrowthMax Plus® safe?

We are a GMP certified vitamin and dietary supplement manufacturer.

GrowthMax Plus® Height increase supplements have been laboratory-tested for safety and side effects. Used by thousands of models and athletes around the world, there have not been any adverse side effects reported. GrowthMax Plus®'s FDA-approved laboratory and manufacturing facility in the United States is certified by the world's strictest standards in cleanliness and GMP standard operating procedures. GMP certification provides a quality system governing the design, manufacturing, and labeling of supplements intended for distribution in the US. Our state-of-the-art facility ensures that each and every GrowthMax Plus® natural height enhancement bottle is manufactured in a controlled "white glove" environment. Our facility staffs experienced professional workers, all dedicated to executing our high standards in manufacturing excellence.

What are the ingredients In the GrowthMax Plus® supplements?

Our growth supplement contains only natural ingredients that actually encourage your body to produce its own growth hormone. They contain no actual growth hormones themselves. The ingredients contain L-Ornithine, L-Arginine, L-Lysine, OKG, L-Glutamine, L-Glycine, Calcium Carbonate, Magnesium Stearate and other minerals and vitamins that your body needs to grow. These ingredients do not interact with other pharmaceutical or herbal treatments, and don’t require a prescription from your doctor. This is the most powerful Grow Taller supplement on the market today. To learn more about the ingredients please Click Here!

How often should I take the GrowthMax Plus® supplements?

The GrowthMax Plus® supplements are considered a dietary supplement. Adults take four (4) capsules daily, as a dietary supplement. Simply take two (2) capsules one hour prior to lunch and two (2) capsules one hour before dinner.

Can I buy GrowthMax plus® anywhere else?

GrowthMax Plus® is only available through our website. We’re happy to ship anywhere in the world. Our site has full encryption services, meaning that your ordering information is safe. Your credit card information is used by our bank to complete your purchase on a separate secure server.

Will my order be shipped discreetly?

GrowthMax Plus® is packaged discreetly in a small crush-proof box, or USPS priority mail or express mail envelope, depending on the quantity. It arrives at your doorstep with no noticeable markings or production identification information. There is no mention on the outside of the package as to what it contains. Furthermore, your name or any other personal information will never be given or sold to any other company. Your privacy is our utmost concern.

How long will it take for me to get my order shipped to me?

Either you will grow taller or you wont spend a dime

Your order will get to you as soon as possible. Our transit times vary from country to country. You should expect to receive your order in 3 to 7 business days in the US and Canada (Customers outside of USA or Canada please allow 7-14 business days for delivery). If you select APO or FPO as shipping country, you should expect to receive your order in 14 to 21 business days.

Does ship anywhere in the world?

Yes, we ship worldwide. We have happy customers around the world, including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and over 80 other countries! In many cases customers have told us they received our package from thousands of miles away faster than they receive packages locally! International shipment and logistics will be handled by USPS Global Air Mail. We will add the international shipping charge to your order (if Applicable). International orders are typically received 7-14 business days from ordering, depending on location. Please be advised that the delivery time frames are estimates only. Some orders might arrive a little bit sooner while others might take a little bit longer due to possible customs clearance delays and other unforeseen conditions.