How Exactly Does GrowthMax Plus® Make You Grow Taller?

How does GrowthMax Plus make you taller?

A major medical breakthrough in Science has enabled a team of expert scientists and doctors to create a formula that has been designed specifically to make you grow taller. We have spent the last 5 years developing this unique product with a team of experts with a combined 50 years experience in the Dietary Supplement business. GrowthMAX Plus® has been clinically tested and the results have far exceeded our expectations. Our products are manufactured in a GMP Certified and FDA inspected lab guaranteeing that the efficacy, potency, and quality are held to the highest standards.

How to Grow Taller Naturally?

The spine contributes to over a third of a persons height

Our height can be influenced by many factors such as lack of exercise, malnutrition, or a failure of the body to produce proper levels of growth hormones. The pituitary gland, which is based in your central nervous system, releases proteins that help your body to grow and your cells to regenerate. As you grow older, this gland is no longer stimulated to produce human growth hormone like it used to, and your body stops growing or may even begin to shrink. Your height is strongly influenced by the effects of these growth hormones. Especially on the development of the 26 skeletal bones and the cartilageneous portions of the 62 bones of the lower body. The natural ingredients in GrowthMax Plus® cause the stimulation of the pituitary gland, which in turn increases human growth hormone production, and this spurs the growth of the cartilageneous portions of the bones of the lower body, ultimately leading to an increase in height by 2-6 inches.

Growth Hormone: Grow Taller Supplements

As shown in the above human growth hormone chart, at age 15, the average person's HGH levels are sitting around 1000ug. By the age of 25, however, HGH levels have typically plummeted down to just 500ug -- a mere 50% of their prime levels. However, this Growth Hormone decline can be fully avoided by using GrowthMax Plus®, which will definitely help you grow taller naturally by simulating the pituitary gland to encourage the release of growth hormone for human growth. Thus, helping you grow taller in a totally safe, easy and convenient way.

How Does GrowthMAX Plus® Work?

GrowthMAX Plus® is 100 % safe and natural and it is the safest way to increase your height

GrowthMax Plus® makes you grow taller by using all natural ingredients to make your body respond with an increase in growth hormone production. These hormones will lengthen the cartilage between each vertebrae in your spine, making it longer and increasing your height. They will also help to strengthen and thicken the cartilage in your joints, including your knees. Over time, the cartilage will be replaced with the calcified bone matrix. This will add to your body’s ability to respond to stress and injury. The length of the spine in the upper part of the body is what makes a person taller or shorter and contributes to over a third of a person’s height. There are over thirty individual bones in a person’s spine which are held together by tissue known as a ligament. Only the two that sit lowest in the spine are immoveable as these are what form the back of the pelvis. All of the other bones are always moveable and so are not fused together. The formula in Growthmax Plus® works by lengthening the discs between each bone, or vertebrae, which increases the entire length of the spinal column and so increases height in the process. The cartilage in a person’s body can grow, thicken, adapt and remodel. Furthermore, Growthmax Plus® strengthens and thickens the cartilage in the body’s joints which further adds to the increase in height.

How long will it take to see results?

Although everyone’s body is different, many clients begin to notice a difference in their height and posture in about 6-8 weeks. The complete treatment plan can take 2 to 6 months to see noticable gains (Please take a look at the Growth Chart to the below).

Grow Taller Growth Chart

Month two:
At this stage you can expect to be between 1-2 inches taller. You will also notice that your posture is improving and you’re sleeping better.

Month four:
Now it’s time to start getting excited. You’ll start to see more incredible changes. You will be about 2-3 inches taller.

Month six:
By the end of the 6th month you will be 3-6 inches taller. And when you look in a mirror you’ll be totally amazed at the results!

Please note that some users will not see results in line with this timetable, so it’s crucial that you finish the bottles and follow the proper dosage instructions before jumping to a conclusion or giving up.