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There are lots of tried and tested methods that you could go for in order to increase your height. You could think about your diet, by incorporating lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, avoiding saturated fats and getting all of the right proteins, for instance. You could ensure that you get your full eight hours worth of sleep every night and that you avoid going to bed too late. Some try to eradicate their vices by cutting back on alcohol and quitting smoking in recognition of the fact that both can stunt growth. You might want to incorporate GROWTHMAX PLUS GROW TALLER SUPPLEMENTS in to your diet so that you get the most from your nutrients. There are lots of things you can try but unarguably, exercise and stretching is not only good for living a healthy life, but it is great for growing taller too.


To grow you must be flexible and your bones or cartilage must be responsive to your growth hormones. To increase their likelihood to grow and to become more flexible you must increase your exercise intake. Stretching also decompresses the strain but on the discs within each vertebrae of the spine, allowing them to fill up with fluid. The saturated discs then increase the distance between each vertebrae, which elongates the spine. As you can imagine, if your spine is longer, you are longer and therefore taller.

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Stretching and cardiovascular workouts that include swimming, running and cycling will all increase the level of human growth hormone that the body produces. The amount of sleep you get and how you eat will determine how this hormone is directed and therefore how tall you are likely to grow. Although it has been suggested that growth is no longer possible after the age of 24 there are some suggestions that it is possible to achieve growth up the age of 30 in some instances. Supplements like GROWTHMAX PLUS GROW TALLER SUPPLEMENTS will help, but an overall improved approach to diet is certainly important.


Stretching is a good idea all round. It can tone up your abdomen, helping you to loose excess weight, and overcome the gravitational pull on your spine causing you to slouch. But, posture is equally important and so standing tall and walking with your head up can make a great deal of difference, making you look almost instantly taller!


There are lots of half-baked notions about how to grow, but it seems obvious that natural methods such as an improved lifestyle are the safest way to go. It is always recommended though that medical advice should be sought before any new exercise regime is begun, or your diet is modified as some changes may not be suitable for all people.

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